Bloomsday Race Finisher 2009

Waiting to RunELAR T

As is evident by the pictures, it was cold yesterday morning. This Southern girl wasn't so amused by standing in line waiting to get to the start line. We warmed up considerably when we got moving. The large crowd of people kept us from having an exceptional race time because every time we got out of the way for someone going faster to pass us, we'd get stuck for a while behind someone slower than us. Nevertheless, it was all lots of fun. And aside from the t-shirt you get when you finish the race, that's what it's all about!

I thank the rest of the Eat Like a Rabbit team: my husband/designer, Paul, our technical critic, Brent, and his wife, Lisa, who taught me SO MUCH about cooking during our time together.

As a reward, today while Paul and Brent are at a design conference I intend to do little but stare at a computer occasionally, wash a few clothes, and rub my foot. Leanne, our friend in Seattle recommended I get a massage as my reward. After all, I'm on vacation!

If you learned about Eat Like a while running the Bloomsday Race and are looking to learn more about us, please check out our about page. I'd love for you to add your comments about the race and even about our t-shirts.