Driving Like a Rabbit

Overflowing Veggies Placemat-IKEA

It was a girls' day at the mall and neighboring stores with some friends from the neighborhood today. Before heading home, I popped into (OK, moved into. No one can just pop in there can they?) IKEA and came across some fabulous gift ideas that I think show kids (and even adults) how fun eating healthy can be. There was the place mat pictured above. And a sheet set with strawberries having a picnic. (At least, that's what it looked like to me.) There was a great rug that I couldn't get a picture of. It looked like a broccoli was planting a garden. Pretty adorable. I loved the large stuffed carrot and broccoli--the same friendly smile and striped shorts from the rug. Although, I think the broccoli looks a tad more like an asparagus. Don't mind me. I'm not a designer.

But my favorite little toy is pictured below.

Driving Like a Rabbit

Isn't that so me? Or so my child because of me? This is when I could have really used a hefty IKEA gift card. Great, great kids' stuff this season. And very fitting for my goals and dreams for a healthier childhood! I would like to point out that I couldn't find any of these adorable "edibles" on the IKEA website. So if you don't live near an IKEA, draft a friend who does to assist with the shopping.

Have you found some great healthy gifts for kids this Christmas? Please share with us!

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