New Pizza Dough Recipe--Best I've ever had!

Triangle Pizza

Note this pizza didn't even need cheese with all the other toppings. But there might have been too many tomatoes on it for such a thin crust.

Since my pregnancy hadn't been going exactly smoothly and the move would be creeping up quickly, I chose to slowly pack away items at a rate of 1-3 boxes a day. That didn't really mess with my plans and schedules until the day we had to unpack the bread machine. I had carefully calculated how to use up vital ingredients so I wouldn't have to move them. And I knew how much bread we would eat so I didn't have to buy any before the move. So I thought I could not feel guilty about packing away the bread machine. But one thing led to another, and we needed to make a pizza dough one evening for some friends that were visiting from out of town.

And once I recovered from the unpacking and repacking, I grabbed March's Bon Appetit and immediately tried the no-knead pizza dough recipe. I wasn't going to get caught in a similar mess again!

Planning the week's menu carefully, I made the dough on Thursday in hopes of a successful dinner on Friday. And that's one reason why I think this recipe is so great. Baby Boy and I landed in the hospital Friday afternoon. And by the time we got home, the pizza dough had risen long past its recommended 18 hours. More like 24. And it still did amazingly well. The dough went into the fridge overnight. While I was stuck in bed on Saturday, Paul made the pizza for lunch. He cut the large ball into 6 pieces. Two fed us lunch. Two went back into the fridge and fed us dinner on Monday. And two went into the freezer for a couple of weeks and defrosted in just a few hours to feed us a second dinner. I love a dough that can do all that--not become a disaster if the recipe isn't followed perfectly, can refrigerate for a couple of days, can freeze for a couple of weeks, and can defrost in record time!

The down side of this recipe is that most home ovens only go up to 500°F, which is the low end of how hot pizza should cook at. So our pizzas seemed to take about 20 minutes to bake. But because it truly is the best tasting homemade pizza dough I've eaten, it was worth the wait.

Another thing I learned during this experience was that I love charred campari tomato slices on my pizza. They went on as the pizza went in the oven, and at the end of that 20 minutes were roasted wonderfully.

For the Monday night pizzas, I made one with a brush of oil and a mild layer of cheese. But then half way through cooking, I covered the pie with shredded spinach and basil. Really good!

So now you can have amazing pizza at home without a bread machine! And now I might rely just a little less on my bread machine. (Although I will keep the other recipe around just in case I don't have a 20 hour warning before we need to have pizza.)