Nora's Second Birthday Party

Well, I'm not much at cooking or writing these days. But luckily I know some great people with good camera skills. So here's do a recap of Nora's birthday, which was in early February.

We rented a pavilion at a fabulous park. While we don't believe in large parties for such a young child, we just know too many people to keep it at our house. And for the love we have we Praise God. We are blessed to have wonderful friends.

Green Sheep Cupcakes in the Shape of a Sheep

The theme for the party was the book "Where's the Green Sheep?" It's an adorable book of opposites. And Nora quite became obsessed with it around Christmas. Green was her favorite color back then. Don't know what it is now. We served the same banana muffins with chocolate ganache as we served last year. They may be a staple at all our birthday parties! Some went in green wrappers, but they were so large I used some smaller white ones, too. Our designer-friend who was in town for the week arranged the cupcakes into the shape of a sheep. Then we stuck short kebab skewers into them. Paul designed the green sheep flags.

Sheep Havarti Crackers, Fruit Kebabs, PB&J Bar, Green Chips

Because of nap time schedules, our party ended up happening around lunch time. We served simple fruit kebab skewers with blueberries on the side. I made homemade cheese crackers in the shape of a sheep. I got the sheep cookie cutter off of Amazon. In the white bowl were green chips served by hommus. (The chips came at Christmas with red chips. I didn't open them until the day before the party. We had to pick out all the green chips. They mixed well with Hint of Lime Tostitos.)

And way in the back of the picture was the true hit of the party. People were actually spying on us to steal our ideas, which I was very happy to share. The brilliant main "dish" for a large quantity of two-year-olds was a peanut butter and jelly bar. I wanted some wonderful jelly like Sarah Beth's, but the store was out. We liked the Archer Farms (Target) brand, but there was just a smaller selection of flavors. People wondered why no one had thought of a PB&J bar before. I'm sure someone has.

I'm sorry there isn't a picture of our drink. We bought the small bottles of water from Costco. My in-laws purchased some cocktail umbrellas. And we stuck the umbrellas into the label of the water bottle. There was a green sheep flag (like on the cupcakes) under the umbrella. It was for the rain sheep. And I'm afraid if you don't understand it, you'll just have to find a kid with the book and borrow it.

Thank you very much to both sets of grandparents for assisting in the set up and organization of the party. Thank you to Uncle Brent for assistance with design and running around with the camera. And of course, thank you to all our friends who joined in the celebration.