Happy New Year Announcement

Excited to be outside in the cold

Happy New Year to all!

While it's many a reader's pet peeve to follow a blogger who suddenly quits blogging, it's an even bigger annoyance to have the blogger draw attention to her absence. But I beg you to keep reading. . .and even to refresh your memory you might want to read back to a similar post from two years ago.

Did you get the hint?

There appears to be a replay here. Child seems to not like food. Mother unable to cook food. Only in this case Mother has Toddler to entertain and cook for. Nora's meals have been significantly less balanced. Ah, well, the midwife is again sickeningly (pun intended) optimistic that the set-back will be short. Then I remind her that the set-back lasted 5 months last time. She is silenced quickly. But she is still wonderful about everything. God bless her.

So, at 3 months along now, I'm hoping to start serving more balanced meals in my household and sharing them with you.

Thanks, again, for your patience.