McDonald's Adds Location in Healthy City

This article on McDonald's moving into Loma Linda, California, a community well known for its health and superb medical institution, was one of the top 10 most emailed news articles from the New York Times today. It touches so many nerves. I have to say part of me readily agrees with the comments that tell residents to use the presence of the chain as an educational to. Just because it's there and the children beg does not mean you actually have to stop there. But as a medical professional, as a mother, and as someone who desires to help everyone want to eat well, I am bothered by the extra temptation. Because there are times when it's just too easy.

Oh, and I highly recommend reading "The Blue Zones," the book referenced that was published by National Geographic after the success of an article on the same topic. I like to imagine myself as living a little like the Sardinians and a little like the Loma Linda residents.

What do you think?