Missing Food Face Plate?

Girl Food Face Plate by Fred & Friends

Thanks for the great feedback about the Food Face Plate series. Have you been missing it? So have we. But there's a rhyme and a reason. Please continue reading.

A friend came to visit one day saddened that her already picky toddler had suddenly refused to eat even all the stand-by foods that the family used to rely on to feed her. I offered to loan her the plate. Because part of Eating Well is Sharing Well. It's important to help people who recognize that you do something different and ask you for advice.

So, Ms. Food Face has been on loan for a month. But I have it on "doting grandmother authority" that she'll be back after Hanukkah (if you catch my meaning.) I'm so happy to have helped a stressed momma find creative release for herself and a change of "scenery" her little girl. And of course, it's nice to know the little girl is eating better, too.

What helpful tips about healthy eating do you enjoy sharing with friends?

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