Menu Plan Monday-Eat from the Freezer Week

As I said in Friday's post, it's a great idea to eat from the freezer this week to make room for what's coming in next week, especially if you have guests for the week like we do. This means that in truth there isn't much cooking to be done in the kitchen except baking a loaf of bread and such, but I'll appreciate the extra time I can spend readying the home for guests. And of course, extra time with Nora is wonderful, too.

We also somehow managed to schedule a delivery from Gobble Green to arrive last Friday, which has given me lots of help with spending little time in the kitchen this week. I hope to post some thoughts on this great program later in the week.

Lunch Plans

  • Leftover soups from last week x2
  • Leftover enchiladas from Sunday
  • Chili from Gobble Green with brown rice x2
  • Paul gets lunch at work one day.
  • A little leftover coconut curry for me. Leftover beans and flax bread for Nora from kale and white beans last week.
  • And Friday we have a party to cover lunch. Our requested contribution is cupcakes.

Dinner Plans

  • Soup samplers from Gobble Green
  • Leftover Pumpkin Ravioli from freezer and an assorted entree sampler from Gobble Green
  • Meatloaf and BBQ Seitan from Gobble Green, mashed potatoes, green beans
  • Out to Pei Wei. A bit of celebrating of our first date, which was actually at P.F. Chang's. Oh well, same family.
  • With Paul's parents

What are you eating this week?