Thankgiving Snacking Display

Thanksgiving Snacking

One thing special about my in-law's house is that there are always snacks on display. Tempting snacks. The kind of snacks that make you gain 5 pounds before the end of your weekly visit. Homemade snacks, which makes them even tastier. It was during one of these visits to Mississippi that I learned how positively addictive frozen peanuts are. Don't know why. I was just hooked. And my mother-in-law would always announce to me when the tray had been refilled.

But, I on the other hand, am like my parents. Mostly all goodies are hidden. My parents sometimes have an antique glass bowl filled with chocolates. I'm wiser than that. Out of sight is out of mind at my house. I know how poor my resistance is to. . .food. So, it's generally hidden in the pantry.

However, hosting the family for Thanksgiving week means I should be a good hostess and provide some snacks that are easy to get to as folks run out the door to whatever entertainment a Florida holiday can give them. Thankfully, Paul's aunt Nancy, whom we very affectionately call Fancy Nancy, sent us a box of Trader Joe's goodies. And thanks to her, I have the snacks for Thanksgiving week ready. There's a bouquet of seasonal and organic lollipops for the kiddos. (I say this because Nora couldn't wait to try one. And Paul let her have it before lunch!) And a selection of Florida citrus. (Naturally this display will be eaten and replaced a couple times in the next three weeks.) And a bowl of individual packages of granola bars, trail mix, and chocolate cookies.

What snack displays do you have planned for your holiday guests?

Thank you, Nancy and Rocky for the bountiful Thanksgiving basket. Wish you could be here to share it.

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