Menu Plan Monday

Highlight of our weekend? How about a Florida Black Bear looking over a picket fence at us while we were riding along on a new-to-me trail? I was almost afraid to ride back. Sorry we don't ride with our phones or cameras on us. Would have been an amazing picture.

I'm pretty excited about the week's menu because I went to Freshfields Farm again and got enough fresh veggies to last two weeks. Plus I picked up dried black and garbanzo beans to make my own beans to go in soups. So in truth, it should be a trip to help keep us well fed all through winter.

While I was there, I realized that fresh ginger is a new item for us this year, but I hadn't acknowledged it for some reason. And I also picked up leeks, another new food for me to try to cook. I can't believe the year is almost up. And while we've tried new things, I still believe there are so many things we're missing. But we'll get there. Eventually.

One thing I like to say about soup is that it always seems to go further than other dishes I make. For example, I generally only have enough of a recipe to last dinner and Paul's lunch the next day. But with the soups I've made, there have been two bowls leftover unless I've shortened the recipe. And the lentil soup I made on Saturday has actually fed us three meals! That being said, lunches are just leftovers. Always--and lots of--leftovers. Along with the traditional apple and possibly celery sticks. I must say, it's been so much easier to prepare.

Dinner Plans

Are you excited about your menu this week? I'd love to hear about it!