Yogurtland-Winter Park, Florida

After our yummy dinner out, I convinced Paul to take us to Yogurtland in Winter Park for dessert. He'd also had lunch dessert there. He had been there once before when his department was interviewing for a new team member. He very much enjoyed it. And I was quite happy with the tasty menu and restaurant design myself.

The system is a self-service selection of one-armed-bandits that serve yogurt in very large bowls. The weight is $0.33 an ounce. So, be careful that when you look in your bowl and think "There isn't much there." Then, you move over to the biggest selection of toppings I've ever seen, also in self-service format. Fruits included mango, pineapple, shredded coconut, fresh bananas, blueberries, kiwis, strawberries and even lychee. Then there were cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a variety of chopped candy bars and cookies.

Yogurt flavors were yummy. Samples were easy to get. There was Cheesecake, chocolate mint, key lime pie, pistachio, and coconut. The peanut butter was good. Paul thought the dark chocolate wasn't super good. I thought the Vanilla Wafer was unusual, but good. The strawberry was just like what you might get in the dairy isle at the grocery store, only better.

Paul's cup with fruit and peanuts cost about $3. Mine, with just a little fruit was, was about $2. At these prices, it's cheaper than going out for ice cream, and much healthier. My sister-in-law and I discussed that there's something about yogurt that makes people want to add healthier topping like fruit (which come first on the topping table, and I think that's a healthy choice) to their dessert. We have friends that go sometimes just for dinner. Why not? Especially with the basic plain flavor, it's quite healthy.

In conclusion, I warn my parents who are not fans of yogurt in general. . .Look out! We're going to Yogurtland, and I'm paying. The lucky thing is that my grandmother will love it. She'll be the easy one to get in the car. But this isn't normal yogurt. It's a whole different. . .land.

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