Menu Plan Monday-Theme: Corn


This week ends with a big holiday weekend. We love holidays even if summer is way ahead in Florida. That being said, we are in the heart of corn season and loving it. Much of this week will revolve around yummy corn.

Also, we'll be spending time with my grandmother. And some of my meals will have to be significantly softer for her to munch on. I enjoyed reading through a few cookbooks on Friday looking for inspiration. I hope my list won't disappoint any of us.


Paul gets lunch out a day or two depending on our schedule with my grandmother. I have friends over on Monday to whom I will serve cucumber salad, hummus, bread, chips, salsa. The rest of the week will hopefully be leftovers.


  • Corn pancakes (like crepes) from Moosewood Cooks at Home with beans
  • Hungarian eggplant stew. Hoping to serve it luke-warm since it is summer after all. From Moosewood Simple Suppers.
  • Spicy Corn Quessadillas from Cooks at Home.
  • Black bean, Mango, rice salad
  • Monday we have a baby shower at Paul's office. I suspect we won't need dinner.

Are you enjoying the produce of the season? What are you eating this week?

Eating Vegetarian: