Gobo-New York City

Pan-Fried Vegetable Dumplings

Miso Soup with Dumplings and Spinach

Coconut Rice with Raisins

Tapioca Pudding with Mango Sauce and Macadamia Praline-Gobo, New York

Recommended by the staff at The Full Plate Diet, Gobo's menu looked fantastic. Paul was wise enough to get us reservations for 6 for dinner. It would have been nicer to have seated seven, but they didn't have a highchair. So Nora was passed from person to person, and therefore she had 6 plates of dinner to choose from.

Let's talk about service. It wasn't the best I'd ever had, but it wasn't awful. And because the food was so great, I wouldn't let it atop me from going back. The waitress was super sweet and answered many questions, some even repeated. I couldn't understand why the Coke our friend, Eric, ordered and Nora's fruit smoothie didn't come sooner. We had all three appetizers before the drinks were delivered. Most odd. A bus boy came out with the food. He served Paul a dish Paul didn't order, and when I said "no," the guy just walked away. The hostess passed, and I asked her to get our waitress. She went to the back, but apparently didn't tell the waitress because the waitress walked a different direction. When I finally flagged down the waitress, she apologized well and replaced the dish quickly. My assumption is that she misunderstood Paul's order because she asked him to clarify it. It wasn't special, it was right on the menu.

Because there were 6 of us, we got to order a nice variety of food. And let me tell you. . .Wow! We even decided to buy dessert because of the successful meal. It's so fun to get lots of foods to share around the table. First came the complimentary multigrain bread with sweet potato cinnamon spread. Nora ate lots. We had to sneak our pieces when she wasn't looking. A bus boy came around with a cloth-covered tray to refill the plate. That's all Nora ate, I think. But she ate it from different plates. I fear she's just like me.The pan-seared dumplings were fabulous, even if a little less healthy than a steamed order might have been. And the sweet potato fries were also a success. We ordered brown rice, which had what looked like Asian beans in it, and coconut rice with raisins, which was nice and mild. Not too sweet. I had the spinach wonton soup. It arrived as a beautiful miso with spinach floating on top and amazing little dumplings at the bottom. Paul's final order was a sweet and sour protein with apples the size of garlic cloves and broccoli. It was well worth waiting for. I don't know what kind of textured vegetable protein it was, but it was nice and crispy in it's sauce. Kathleen had a mild curry stew. Eric had sizzling fajita-style mushrooms and veggies. Gerald had the simple Vietnamese stir-fry. But perhaps best or at least very close to Paul's broccoli was Elizabeth's dish of cabbage stir-fry and sauce to be eaten wrapped in a flour tortilla roll. It just had the right flavors.

Dessert was the most-popular chocolate cake, a tapioca pudding with mango sauce and macadamia nut brittle, and the pear apple crisp with soy ice cream. The cake was kind of dry, and I'm really sorry to say without icing, which might have helped. Also, I wasn't a fan of the green tea dusting. The pear crisp was well done, and I loved that the ice cream wasn't super sugary like dairy ice creams often are. But the absolute best dessert was the pudding. I'm not a huge fan of tapioca. But the mango sauce really did something for it. And the brittle was really excellent. While a little sweet if you were to eat it by itself, it really mixed well into the pudding.

This was a fun restaurant with an eclectic vegetarian menu. Don't limit yourself. And go with as many people as you can so you have opportunities to try many things. This has my vote for restaurants worth splurging at.

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Hi Amanda, It is one of our

Hi Amanda, It is one of our favs in NYC. I'm jealous!! I haven't been since we both were in NYC and Nora was on her way. Hope Paul was able to get a bagel or two also :)