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Drying Rack

Our dishwasher is broken. It runs lots of water, but doesn't clean and doesn't dry. We'll be a week without one. There's a downside to being a two-income family. There's no one around to meet repair men. Meanwhile, I'm learning there was a reason my mom made me wash dishes as part of my chores growing up. And I'm significantly more appreciative of my darling father, who is always happy to wash dishes by hand when he comes for dinner even when I point out that we have (er, had) a dishwasher.

Lucky for me, my folks gave me a set of stacking cooling racks for cakes and things as a birthday present last week. While I immediately had opportunity to use them for cooling a loaf of bread and some black bean burgers, I didn't see until I was desperate for space how efficient they would be as drying racks--especially when I don't have any drying racks (because I happen to be--um, used to be--a real big fan of the dishwasher.)

While I'm grateful to have these fabulous makeshift drying racks, I'm more interested in them being retired back to their real purpose in life--cooling cookies, pancakes, and rolls. I'm significantly less inclined to make these things when I actually have to do the washing of everything I use.

Wish me luck.

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