Valentine's Present? Birthday? Just Because?

Sarabeth's Peach Apricot

It's a long story. I made a return-without-receipt to Tuesday Morning for a friend who finds it harder to leave the house with two kids than I do with one. It's only natural. I told her what I planned on exchanging the item for. I told her she'd be happy about it. I thought I would need to spend more than the original item was worth and purchased three jars of Sarabeth's Spreadable Fruit figuring I'd surprise Paul with the last jar and pay my friend the price of it. Well, turned out the original item cost more than the three jars (because in Florida, there's no tax on food). And I brought my friend three lovely jars of spreadable fruit for free! I came home with nothing for Paul, but was happy to help out a friend.

My mother-in-law came last week, and as an early Valentine's present left us the jar pictured above. Shockingly, we haven't opened our jar, yet. But let me just share two quotes via text from my friend about her Sarabeth's.

Oh my, the peach apricot jam is soooo good.

And a few days later. I am in love with the jellies. I can't stop eating toast all day long. . .thank you again.

Sarabeth's has a great little place in Chelsea Market in New York, but we love to find her stuff at TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning. There are some special holidays coming up that will require this as a nice gift.

This is a great, generic gift for anyone. . .including yourself.