Review of 2010 New Year's Kitchen Resolutions

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As is my tradition, I start my January by reviewing the resolutions I made for this year. I then edit my goals for the next year based on how well I did the previous year. I still have the goals. But some will be more detailed in requirement than others.

  • Resolution One-Make fewer stops and fewer trips to the grocery store. Um, maybe. Well, there were times the cupboards got really bare because I didn't want to leave the house. I worked three days a week and just wanted to be home with my baby the other four. Perhaps I was successful, but I can't actually say I made a conscious effort to do so.
  • Resolution Two-Make my own baby food. Yes, we did! And I had a blast doing so! I did use the free baby food and coupons to get cheap baby food for Nora while I was working, but once I became a stay-at-home mom, I got more excited about having Nora with me in the kitchen and creating great things for her to eat, including squash and oatmeal. Even Paul has gotten into the activities.
  • Resolution Three-Not to be afraid of new foods. I think I did well this year. I wasn't afraid to make my own beans and create a chili recipe. I tried fennel, which I never wrote about because we didn't much like it. And I fell in love with a squash I decided to try.
  • Resolution Four-More Fiber. I have really tried to watch our fiber intake. We only eat brown rice and whole wheat couscous now. And one thing I've chosen to add to our pantry is Triscuits because of their high fiber. I'm sure we still have a long way to go. But at least it's in my mind.
  • Now that the review has been done, it's time to set my sights high for 2011! What's your "hindsight" view of 2010 look like? Are you inspired for 2011, too? Either to do better or to keep reaching your goals? Feel free to share.

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