Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk Breakfast

I was walking around a strip mall in Nashville, Tennessee, waiting for Paul to get out of a conference. There was an adorable modern children's store. And in it was this fabulous Spilt Milk bowl by Fred and Friends. I decided not to buy it because I really didn't have the space to ship it home. But as soon as I got home, I ordered it for Nora to give her dad for Christmas. My designer-husband was wanting silicone bowls for Nora to eat out of, and this one looked fun. We decided Daddy could use the bowl until Nora is old enough to need it.

Just a little kitchen gadget that makes life fun for the whole family.

Eating Vegetarian: 



"Year of the rabbit" in

"Year of the rabbit" in Chinese Zodiac is coming soon. I think it would be appropriate for someone to write a piece about how to eat like a rabbit as a vegetarian in the "year of the rabbit" and make it the New Year's resolution. Thank you.