Grapefruit and Pomegranate Plate

Grapefruit and Pomegranates

This is actually a Martin Thanksgiving tradition, but since Thanksgiving and Christmas often share the same menu items, grapefruit and pomegranates would work then, too. And I love the jewel-red color of the pomegranate seeds. Also, the cold weather in Florida makes the grapefruit harvest toward Christmas sweeter.

I've seen the grapefruit sections and pomegranate seeds in different locations at a meal. It makes a fine appetizer with nuts, trail mix, or homemade Chex Mix. It can highlight great dishes from the salad table. And it's a nice alternative to the high-calorie sweets on the dessert table.

I'm happy to start this tradition, too.

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This looks delicious! I think

This looks delicious! I think I have never eaten a pomegranate before... So, you open this fruit that looks like a special apple and you just eat the little berries in it? Shame on me! It's fantastic to be introduced to these different customs! Thank you, Amanda!!!