Traditional American Christmas Menu-Vegetarian Style


I have a friend in Germany whose father teaches English to seniors. He has asked that I post simple stories about a traditional Christmas menu as a way to teach English and a little about American culture at the same time.

I would say that our traditional Christmas dinner menu is very similar to our traditional Thanksgiving menu because they are about one month apart from each other, and therefore are in the same season with the same fresh produce.

I believe meat-eaters tend to have turkey for Thanksgiving and ham at Christmas. Although I understand there are many options for Christmas, including foul (birds). However, this being a vegetarian blog, I'll be looking more at the fun vegetarian dishes that are available.

The following are helpful links to vegetarian and vegan menu ideas.

Next, I'll show you some of my preferred Christmas dishes.



Dear Amanda, I'm your

Dear Amanda,
I'm your friend's father, who lives in Germany and teaches English to seniors. Thank you very much for all the recipes and information about Christmas on your blog! The participants of my English course are very interested in getting your cooking recipes. We have started a series on vegetarian Christmas traditions. 20 years ago (back in East Germany) I would have never thought of having the chance to come into contact with an American I've never seen before. I appreciate this very much! This blog connects different kinds of people and cultures and that's a great thing!
Best wishes,