Cookie Exchange

Cookie Exchange

The thing to remember about a cookie exchange is that it's completely voluntary. Naturally, a few people in our mommy group opted out because they: a) Had recently had a baby and didn't have kitchen-time on their schedules yet. b) Were still trying to lose the baby weight and didn't want the temptation. c) Have no talent/no desire for baking.

Since we often have a nice collection of sweets on hand from dried fruit to sweet breads, I was nervous to come home with a collection of cookies. So, when my mom invited us over for lunch and asked if I could bring a little dessert, I knew exactly what to bring! Besides, it's more fun to share all the cookies, anyway! My thoughts then started to consider where a person could share their cookies so they don't eat them all before the end of the weekend.

Uses for Remnants of the Cookie Exchange

I say "remnants" because I hope you have at least tried a bite of each so you can tell your friends how truly grateful you are for their efforts.

  • Bring them to your next holiday party. You don't have to lie and say you baked them. They are just your contribution.
  • Bring them to your holiday doctor's appointments. People with flexible spending accounts often need one last trip to the eye doctor, dentist or whatever. Bring a few cookies. You don't have to say you made them. Just smile and say you're welcome. Speaking from my past, I particularly loved the generous patients at holidays. Snacking broke up the monotony of the day when you wanted to run around in the crisp Florida-winter air. And, it will make you a more memorable patient, too.
  • Share with a mommy who doesn't have a group to participate with. Or share with a mommy who felt she couldn't participate for one reason or another (money, time, can't bake).
  • Bring them to your local thrift store (provided they know you and trust you) to have on hand for the poor. Gift baskets are nice, but I'm sure it's been a long time since many of them have had a homemade scratch cookie.
  • All else fails, put them in the back of the freezer and pull them out through January, February, and March when you and the family need a little pick-me-up.

What do you do with your holiday cookie collection?

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