The Wild Cow-Nashville, Tennessee

Vegan Nachos-The Wild Cow

Beans and Greens-The Wild Cow

Sweet Potato Soft Tacos-The Wild Cow

We dined out in Nashville at The Wild Cow, a vegetarian restaurant that came well recommended. Crazy name aside, this restaurant has a pretty good menu and a decent steady flow of patrons. We had quite a hard time choosing items from the two page menu. There's also a great kid's menu that I kind of wanted to order off of myself.

We started with an order of nachos. At $8, it's a high price, but if you are interested in the pricier vegan cheese and sour cream, the price explains itself. We were all quite amazed at the flavor of the vegan sour cream. I normally dislike sour cream period, and our friends traditionally don't like vegan sour creams. We were all impressed by this one. Also, the tomatillo sauce was quite good. Almost like a bar-b-que sauce. It wasn't what I expected and isn't what I would normal want, but it was good. In the end, we had so much food, we didn't even finish the nachos.

The kids ordered Elvis sandwiches--peanut butter on toast with sliced bananas and sprinkled with cinnamon for $3. That wasn't enough for the girls. So they then ordered a great little fruit bowl. And I do mean little. But I think the right size for little tummies.

Ashley ordered a vegetarian Ruben.sandwich and let me taste it. I was quite surprised with the sandwich. It was very yummy. I believe her sandwich came with a side. Mike had some sweet potato soft tacos. Paul ordered the "Beans and Greens," which was kale or spinach with pinto beans. He didn't realize he needed to watch closer. Nora stole some beans off his plate. I could imagine making the same thing, maybe even as a soup, for the next couple of vegan meals I have to attend. Paul ordered a side of shredded sweet potato. It wasn't a favorite because of the heavy ginger.

I had a great stir-fry with cabbage with Green Goddess dressing. (Sorry, the picture was blurry. You can go to flickr if you want to see it.) I really enjoyed it, and couldn't finish it with all the other food we had. I loved my side of cucumber dill hummus. It had such a light, creamy flavor.

Since my sense of direction and distance isn't so good, I can't really say if I would go back based on the location. But I would go back based on the food. And based on all the yummy things I had tried, I would love to try something else.

Thanks Mike, Ashley, Ella, and Anna for a fabulous weekend! We loved our precious hours with you.

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