Thanksgiving 2010-Greenbean Casserole

Dilled Green Beans

Thanksgiving will be hosted at our house this year. Err, maybe not since it's the smallest. But it will be hosted near my home none-the-less. I may be a tad late. . .OK, really late. . .getting the menu together, but it's time I do a little research about Thanksgiving dishes for vegetarians. I'll be sharing what I've found. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, please pass them on!

Let's start with a link to Heather McPhearson's Orlando Sentinel blog post about it being the Green Bean Casserole's 55th birthday. I also love how she shares knock-off casserole recipes (in case your group dislikes green beans or in the event that someone else has a green bean creation they want to contribute to the party.

Since we'll be starting our Thanksgiving Day at the Turkey Trot, it will be important to consider everything we make and how far in advance it can be made. It seems like a green bean casserole can be made mostly in advance. Now, if I can just find a recipe that has a little less fat.

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