Jalapeno Pesto Pasta?

Hard Lessons Learned

Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta was a recipe in The Vegetarian Bible, a gift from friends, Frank and Emily. It's so simple and straight-forward.

  • Roast bell peppers
  • Meanwhile cook pasta
  • Meanwhile make pesto

And yet, something managed to go wrong. My mother had purchased me a Maxi-bell pepper plant for Mother's Day. I thought this recipe would be a perfect use for all my peppers. Well, it wasn't. Because these weren't just regular bell peppers. They were like red jalapenos, which was a problem since I had my hands all in them.

I recommend trying this recipe. Just make sure you really know what bell peppers you are using.

Another thing I recommend (in addition to buying kitchen gloves) is to be patient when your hands are burning. Neosporin, Benadryl, WD-40, cream, salt, olive oil, and all other recommendations do not work. Just be patient and in about 5 hours your hands will nearly forget you soaked them in pepper juice.

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