Fall Produce Recommendations

Sweet Dumpling Squash and Honeycrisp Apples

In my research with patients, in following other bloggers, and in my search for a cheaper grocery bill, I learned something fascinating. Many times people bypass fresh produce because it goes bad before you can eat it, or worse, it is bad when you buy it. Enter these new finds that have been consistently good.

Paul's folks told us about Honeycrisp apples. They are fabulous. They are consistently beautiful and tasty. Paul brought some to work, and the boys raved about them. These are the apples we like to eat fresh. I buy cheaper apples to bake or cook with. But these are just amazing the way they are. This is the first year Publix and Costco have carried them. When all the other apples are on sale for $0.99/lb. at Publix, these are still about $1.19/lb. Still, we think it's worth the price for sensational produce. It keeps us healthy and we aren't wasting anything.

I don't remember ever seeing a Sweet Dumpling Squash before. I picked it up at Publix because it was the shape of an acorn squash, of which I still have yet to have a good one. It also happened to be one of the cheapest squashes at $0.79/lb., which yielded me 10 squashes for about $1 a piece. They've been quite good cooked in the slow cooker or microwaved (as happened last night because I was late getting dinner on.) They seem to do well stuffed like other squashes. If you come across one, you just might want to take a chance.

Fresh produce is good for you and can be purchased within your budget constraints when you get good specimens at good prices. Don't pass up the items that are in season.

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