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Grandma's Birthday

Have you missed me? I've missed me. Reader Fely tweeted this weekend "Have you been eating?" Well yes, we aren't starving. We've just been a very busy set of parents.

A couple weekends back, we attended the opening of the Vignelli archives at Rochester Institute of Technology, where Paul got his Master's. I felt so out of my element. Luckily, we had Nora to get us a lot of attention, including from the great designer himself. He said "You have to teach them young." And indeed we are. We are increasingly trying to live a simpler, more wonderful life, and we hope Nora will learn from our positive experience. We have a large collection of Vignelli designed kitchen items. I'm sure you would recognize the Heller glass pictured above in a number of our posts.

On our way out of town, we stopped by famed grocery store, Wegmanns, and purchased 4 dozen double-bagged fresh bagels to be shipped home in a cardboard box. Yeah, they're pretty incredible. My favorite? The pumpernickel everything. There's nothing in the world like it.

A couple weeks back, we celebrated my mom's birthday at a charming restaurant, Antonio's. They serve an amazing ravioli. Mom's present? A new picture of Nora and a fresh coconut. I was thrilled with the great price of the coconut and the joy it brought her since it had been about 30 years since she'd had a fresh one. She said the Gourmet directions for cutting it were fabulous.

Speaking of Mom, my mom gave me a Maxi Bell Pepper plant, which I finally started harvesting from. In short, I didn't realize it had the characteristics of a red jalapeƱo. I spent last Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch with each hand in a bowl of iced cream. They quit burning about 5 hours later. Since then, I've harvested more Maxi bells. I'm giving them to my friends, but with warnings. (I still want them to remain my friends.)

And in between work, house, and family responsibilities along with my new projects (online teaching Ethics for the Healthcare Professional and the entire quarter of programs at Children's church), even if I do nothing else, I make sure I have a menu plan for the week. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare and saves me that much each day in reviewing the cabinets and choosing what to make. It really does become a requirement for a simplified life.


Yes, I have missed you! I

Yes, I have missed you! I thought to myself last night "When I log back online, I need to check and see if I fell off her e-mail notification list!" But I completely understand your being busy! :)