Smart Puffs-Gluten Free Chips


One of the freebies I received on my tour of Whole Foods, I received these chips. I had saved them for Lisa, but gave in to a craving after a long day at work and opened up the package. They looked and tasted just like Cheetos except for the white cheese and the larger puff. I did notice a slight difference in the lighter taste in comparison to Cheetos, maybe a little more like rice. They are a great substitute. I was quite impressed.

Unfortunately, I lost some faith the next day. I hadn't finished the whole package the previous afternoon. (By the way there was more in the bag than I photographed.) So, I put the leftovers in some Snapware. I'm pretty sure the Snapware is decent, but it clearly did not keep the chips from getting stale overnight. Twenty-four hours later, the chips were not worth eating.

It's definitely something you would want to buy in smaller packaging and eat in one sitting. But, if you have gluten allergies or know someone who does, I think this snack is great for a guilty little pleasure.

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I'm a huge Smart Puffs

I'm a huge Smart Puffs addict, if I were you I'd give them a second chance! Though, on second thought, it might be healthier not to get addicted.

Some advice: don't take them out of the bag. Use one of those snack bag clamps or fold the corners into a triangle and tape down the bag.