Felt Play Food for Kids

My husband just sent me a link to Cook Mom Pics--ok, he actually sent it two days ago, but he claims I never feel his emails are urgent--about patterns for making felt play food. When I was growing up, we had the expensive stuff from Fisher Price. We had a lot of it! But with the felts, there are many more creative options than we ever had. I also suspect they will be easier to store because some of them would collapse. Just a few weeks ago while visiting friends in Chattanooga, I saw felt Bowtie pasta in a child-size colander. I fell in love.

No, this post doesn't exactly have anything to do with eating well or vegetarian, but it does support my desire to encourage kids to enjoy and be comfortable in a kitchen. Also, I should warn all my friends who plan on inviting me to their kids' birthday parties of exactly what's coming.

Eating Vegetarian: