Spring at Seasons 52-Altamonte Springs, Florida

Tofu Over Basmati Rice and Veggies

Market Vegetable Plate-Seasons 52

Paul's sister and her husband, Elizabeth and Dag were in town this weekend visiting Nora, and we went to dinner at Seasons 52. (No one really wants to see us anymore. We understand.) The waiter was excellent. Very kind and gracious. And he really did the job his managers want him to do because he talked up the curry (originally made to be served with fish, but easily substituted out for tofu), which was a steeper-priced featured dish to the point where even though I don't like curry, I actually ordered it very willingly. Paul got the Market Vegetable Plate, and we switched dishes half way through the meal.

Truth be known, I was really sorry I had to share my curried tofu with Paul. I felt like I was on some of those lame commercials where one spouse hides food from the other. But in this case, I did my best to show true love and gave up half of my curry for my husband to enjoy. But, I emphasize "just half". I would be very happy if this item were always on the menu and would say it was well worth the additional price tag.

When I got the vegetable plate, I finally I got the opportunity to try fennel. After searching for months at local grocery stores and farmer's markets, I finally got to try fennel. But, it was roasted and tough. With all the build up and reading in my Bon Appetit, it was a sad let-down. We were also all disappointed because a) one of the featured vegetables was Zellwood Corn-on-the-cob, a favorite around here, but it wasn't on the veggie plate and b) there was less food on the spring plate than we get on the fall and winter plate.

Not photographed, but certainly worth the additional mention, was the spinach salad with pine nuts, gorgonzola, raspberries, and what I thought might be a dijon dressing. So yum!

The conclusion is, of course, we will always take any opportunity to visit Seasons 52. The food is always consistently good (except the fennel, I guess) and the wait staff is more than willing to adjust recipes for the vegetarian diner. I also enjoy new takes on old ideas, like the cranberry almond tabouli that is a staple on the vegetable plate and always gets praised.

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