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How time does fly! Nora crossed the 10-week-old point last week, and I love watching her grow and change. She's not even sitting up yet, but I know it's only a matter of time before she's crawling everywhere. My mother shook her head at me saying it was too early when I first told her it was time for me to get "Nora's Kitchen Door" together. But I know myself, and I know time would slip away before I got it done. I also know I would be way less organized if I didn't do it because I was already keeping a pile of kitchen items I no longer wanted or needed. I figured I might as well get them in a cabinet for her and get them off my counter! So Sunday, that's what I did.

I guess you're wondering why Nora needs her own kitchen door at all. Well, my friend Leann told me she only locked cabinet doors with chemicals in them and allowed her kid to play in the rest. She simply moved unbreakables to the lower shelves and more damaging items up. I loved the idea, but how would I move up my crock pot? Then, I read a baby shower gift, John Rosemond's New Parent Power, that said to give one cabinet door to your kid with unused kitchenware in it. It gives a child some limitations and keeps the majority of your kitchen items clean. When I looked around my kitchen, this seemed like the better idea for our household. And that leads me to the before and after pictures of much less rearranging in my kitchen than I expected.

Before I chose the door sandwiched between the wall and my fridge. It's more in a corner, which keeps Nora more out of the middle of the floor. I'm so afraid someone will trip over her as she plays. I also thought it was definitely large enough for her to play hide-and-seek in. Luckily, I've already thought of that and will know where to look! This door was farthest from the stove and dishwasher, too. It held the easiest of my objects to relocate as it was the home to my dehydrating equipment, large trays, and the jars I used to package my herbs for gifting. Most of those items easily found new homes (except those large trays, which I have an idea where to store, but haven't done yet).

After I went through all my kitchen cabinets and drawers. I found items that had been hiding from me and items I haven't used in a year and a half. There may be more "toys" to add to the cabinet, or I may need to move some "toys" from the cabinet to Goodwill or trash. Otherwise, I think I have a great start.

  • Snapware with lids
  • Extra steamer trays from my pot set
  • Wicker tray with a plastic plate inside
  • Black nesting Tupperware with lids
  • Photographic hot pad from France
  • Small-handled spoon, great for drumming. There's also a spatula in the dishwasher that will be joining the spoon soon.
  • Quaker Oats containers (with raisin containers nesting inside)
  • Stonyfield Yogurt containers with lids
  • Two sizes of funnels
  • A squishy peanut advertisement item

I don't want too many toys because I don't want Nora to be overwhelmed with the "choices." These odd mix-and-match items will encourage her to be creative and entertain herself for hours. And, I want her to be used to some kitchen equipment and be able to pretend to "be like Mommy" when I'm in there playing in my own doors.

I'm not wishing these leisurely days of eating-sleeping-diaper changing to hurry by, but I am looking forward to these days in the kitchen, too.

Thanks, Niki, for a very helpful book!

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I do understand that children

I do understand that children should be allowed in the kitchen and taught how to cook WHEN they are old enough. My grandson who lives with us is two y/o. He is not allowed in the kitchen during peak food preparation. He is allowed in during dish washing and light cleanup however. And he has learned the difference between what not to touch and what is ok to play with. I am extremely HARD CORE on this subject.
i don't harbor ill feelings toward this subject. Just all good thing in time. Don't push and have fun with the kids!!