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A picture's worth a thousand words! In case you wonder how long it takes to get results in a garden, check out my previous posts: original planting and 15 days later. This update comes just two weeks later. Patience is something you need when planting your own garden, but it's a lot easier when you can watch the changing fruits of your labor.

Paul spent his Sunday putting together an improved hanging garden to separate the two hanging plants. He worked very hard, and I'm so grateful for his handyman techniques. We now have two fresh tomatoes on the small Patio Tomato plant and some flowers on the Big Boy tomato plant. I know when they ripen, they'll taste amazing with the basil.

Enjoying her last few days of pre-motherhood, my friend Patty sat outside and talked to me on Thursday while I separated my two-inch-tall carrot seedlings and interrupted with shrieks. "Look! I think those are zucchini blooms." And "Ow, those [zucchini] stems are sharp. Not a good plant for a toddler."

Even in the "city," we're so grateful for the outdoor space and the direct sunlight to have a container garden. I look forward to successfully growing fresh items to supplement my grocery shopping.

Do you feel the urge to grow your own herbs, veggies, or fruit this season? Please tell me about your garden by posting a comment or by sending me an email on the Contact Us page.