Look What's Growing at Our House!

Baby Nora helps plant the container garden. . .sort of.

At the risk of sounding like I'm trying to convince myself, I repeat: I did not want to post my child all over my blog. However, it was evident today when it took me much longer to deal with the container garden than it should have that Nora will continue to be involved in every chore I do. And therefore will sneak into pictures here and there. I will just try to make sure they actually have a correlation to the story.

I won't bore you with the details about diaper changing and moving the carrier with me to every container so I could rock it with my foot. Instead, I will tell you how much fun I had planning my container garden, shopping, and even actually working in my garden. (By the way, thanks to Graycen Nudd for helping me plant the flower seeds this morning before she returned home with her parents.) If you have known me at all, you will likely believe I am an exceptionally girly-girl. This is true mostly. Just subtract my love for baseball, basketball, and especially hockey. Now, you can add "playing in the dirt" to the list of things I enjoy doing, especially in our fabulous spring weather. Don't get me wrong, I scrubbed my hands well and immediately applied lotion to them when I was done, but there is something so gratifying about working in the soil and seeing changes for the better and then excitedly awaiting the produce.

So, Paul read my original idea post for my garden, and together we made some changes (like finding some dill seed in the cabinet. What a surprise!) Now, I'll tell you the final results and when you can expect to see pictures of meals with our homegrown additions.

You can follow along in the picture reading from left to right.

  • Flat leaf Italian Parsley survived amazingly through our cold nights. Unfortunately, it didn't get much water, so there are some yellow leaves. I plan on using the parsley as a garnish this evening and did add some to our scrambled eggs this morning. The poles are to remind me to buy a shepherd's rod and the upside down bag to hang the tomato plant on.
  • I bought a nice-sized and already flowering "Patio" tomato plant. The label says it's great for container gardens. We tend to like smaller tomatoes as they do well on salads and often have greater flavor. Also, I was hoping the plant wouldn't get quite so big and would have a better chance of being a success if the tomatoes weren't so heavy. I hope to be able to acquire the remaining necessities for the tomato plant tomorrow.
  • Lots of stray basil fell into this rectangular container. I thinned it out considerably so we won't have tons of little leaves, but a nice selection of good-sized plants and leaves. I may have to thin it out again when they get larger. However, if they're sturdy enough, I'll happily share them with someone else who enjoys fresh basil. We seem to have a lot of basil right now, but I'm not altogether sure what will survive and what won't. It all took a pretty good beating from the frosty weather. So, I'm just protecting our investment. It should grow very quickly now that it's thinned out.
  • We received a sample of wildflowers in the mail, and that's what I planted in this little ceramic bowl. I have no idea what it will look like or if it will even work.
  • An orchid originally came in this container. I couldn't make it survive. I removed the insides and replaced it with fresh dirt to plant the dill. We don't use too much dill, so I figured the size would do just fine. We should be able to start using the dill in about 3 weeks.
  • This white container should be the home of some very promising cilantro. I haven't tried cilantro in quite some time because I accidentally killed the last batch. I do hope this one turns out better. If all goes well, I think we should start seeing some in 2.5 weeks, but we'll probably wait a little longer to use it so the leaves are larger.
  • There are two tall basil plants that I'm not sure will continue to survive. I had to cut off the rest of the dead branches. I figured I'd just allow them to have a chance. In front of them is the chive pot. We just couldn't get it to grow last year. We've agreed to give it one more chance before doing something else with the pot. Behind the basil is a small zucchini plant. I hope it will start growing up the poll soon. It will take a month and a half before we can eat a zucch. Will it be worth it?
  • Obviously next comes Baby Nora in her carrier. I'd finally gotten her to rest for a few minutes.
  • Our avocado tree looks beautiful. I don't know if it will produce Florida Avocados, but it will look pretty, and that's OK, too. Behind it in the pot, I planted arugula/rocket and in front may be some stray spearmint. The package claims the arugula is mature 50 days after planting, but I'm pretty sure we eat it much sooner or it will take over the joint.
  • And last is the big trial of carrots. I only planted two rows in the pot, because the package says it may require thinning. I hope I still didn't over plant. The success of something that seems like it might would take a lot of work will determine what fruits and veggies I will take a chance on in the future.

Well, that's all here! I may share some photos throughout the process if anything looks exciting. Until then, just wait and see what exciting things show up on our plates!

What's growing at your house? Edible or child-like, please share!