Menu Plan Monday

Drawing on Wall at Beckman Oral Motor

This is a great piece of wall art at Nora's new Speech Therapy office (at 5 weeks old!). Debra Beckman is amazing! She taught us a super effective way to burp Nora, which has made our lives easier. Also, we are seeing improvements in her mouth movements that hopefully will make her eat better.

My mother used to talk about "Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard" being completely empty. However, she only meant that her variety had significantly decreased. In my case after a productive last couple of weeks, my selection has deteriorated significantly. We really have a very empty fridge, freezer, and pantry. I mentioned to Paul and our house guests last night that I wanted to stop at 5 stores today, which yielded a giggle and comments about my "Marathon Shopping Trips" and a stern warning from my husband not to overdo it. Anyway, this is a real chance to try out my New Year's Resolution to make my shopping trips shorter and pay off faster.

That being said, my grocery shopping will be to replace staples like milk and lemon juice (and to get some plants for my garden!) I'll do my best to continue using what items I have in stock for the week. Here's the menu plan I have in mind:

  • Pizza-which shouldn't actually require any additional ingredients not already stocked, except the coleslaw I'll make for the side at $0.29/lb!
  • Chinese theme-rice, carrots, cabbage, buy some sprouts
  • Onion Rings (Why am I still craving fattiness?), coleslaw, baked beans
  • Risotto Primavera-think I have all the ingredients
  • Risotto cakes-ditto

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