Quick Spicy Pasta Sauce

Spicy Pasta

My husband gave me a massage a few weeks back as a birthday present. While I was enjoying the pampering and assistance relaxing since I was still recovering from the very recent delivery, my folks came over and made me dinner.

I'm not sure if she was apologizing or telling me to add to my grocery list, but my mom told me she'd used every can of tomatoes I had in the cabinet (3, I think). I never have pre-made pasta sauce in my cabinets. It's so much fun and generally cheaper to make my own. What Mom didn't realize was that there were different kinds of tomatoes in my cabinet: Muir Glen Fire Roasted, Muir Glen with Adobo Seasoning, and Muir Glen without salt. We were all pleasantly surprised by the nice flavor and hint of spice in the resulting sauce. Naturally, she added flavors of her own like garlic and onion powders, but you could definitely taste the difference in the tomatoes.

I had actually been a bit afraid to use the can of Adobo Tomatoes because I was unsure how they tasted. All I'd ever had were smoked peppers in adobo sauce and really disliked them. So, I was quite happy to have used the can plus no longer have a real reason to be afraid of the seasoning. Mixing the tomatoes was such a great, unplanned way of adding lots of flavor without a lot of effort. I've learned my lesson to try to keep a variety of flavored canned tomatoes constantly on hand in the future.

Thanks, Mom for your hard work and for the lovely meal.

Have you had any unplanned, but fabulous, accidents in your kitchen lately? Please share in the comments below.