San Pellegrino Soft Drink


Please excuse the dent in the can. My overly-packed-not-sure-what-I-will-be-hungry-for lunch box isn't the safest place to be sometimes.

We learned about these drinks at this year's PumpkinFest. (Sorry, no story, yet, but you can access pics on Paul's Flickr account.) Anyway, then another friend shared that they were available at Costco. I asked Paul if we wanted some and he said "Sure. I like anything made by Pellegrino." For about $14, I brought home 24 cans of flavored water--12 orange, 12 lemon. I took an orange for lunch.

My opinion: I thought aluminum foil over the top of the can was fancy, I also thought it might be a waste. However, the scientist in me wondered if it kept the top of the can cleaner, which I know can pick up dust and dirt so easily. At the moment I don't have the energy to take the study any further. The taste was nice, and I thought it wasn't as sweet as soft drinks, which I don't drink because I don't like sugar water. In fact, I wondered if people who need to wean themselves from soft drinks wouldn't benefit from the orange-flavored water. Again, I don't have the energy to do that research myself, especially since these will only be a luxury in our house. We just don't do soft drinks.

Honestly, I'm happiest with a bottle of straight Pellegrino.

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I sampled a Pellegrino Lemon

I sampled a Pellegrino Lemon over thanksgiving. I thought it was pretty good. I also thought, how can "lemon flavored water" be this good? (that's what everyone was calling it) Then I looked at the nutrition facts and it all made sense.

The Pellegrino lemon flavor in the can has 180 calories and 40+g of sugars. Compare to a 12oz can of Coke at 140 calories and 39g of sugars.(pulled from the web) I don't know if San Pellegrino themselves started marketing it "flavored water" or not. It is certainly clever marketing if they did...considering that sparkling water is their original product. Maybe Coke-Cola should start marketing "Coke flavored water"

Regardless of the nutritional details, the Pellegrino drink I tasted (lemon) did have a nice unique flavor. I was also drawn in by the fancy foil top on the can and I was thinking the same thing about the can being more protected from germs. I suppose there may be some benefit to the Pellegrino being made from more natural ingredients and being caffeine free, but as to how the drink started being referred to as a healthy sounding "flavored water" intrigues me.