Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Helping @eatlikearabbit make lettuce storage packs.

A wise and loyal reader of ELAR wanted details of the bagged lettuce Paul helped me prepare a couple days before this post. You can find out the step-by-steps for this money-saving move on this post from earlier this year. I bought a huge head of lettuce at Freshfields Farm for $1 on Monday and bagged it that night. A week later, it still looks brand new, which is great for having a small variety in the fridge since I never know what I want right now. Thanks, Fely for pointing out the need to revisit this post!

In addition to October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is also Vegetarian Awareness month. You can visit the World Vegetarian Day website to print a poster and to find activities to encourage vegetarianism.



Why don't I read your posts

Why don't I read your posts more often. I am (as you know) currently on a Diet of Low fat, so i have been chewing on rabbit type items including lettuce. I knew that if you ripped instaed of cutting the lettuce it would last longer, But i did not know There was a "proper" was to store it. So i , being cheap and all, just ended up eating brown tipped wilting lettuce. I have eaten much worse. Really. But thanks for the tip. No more brown leaves for me.
Now, do you have a way to keep tomatoes from getting all squishy?