Never Ending Pasta Bowl-Olive Garden

Spinach Alfredo-Olive Garden

In an effort to get more iron in my diet, I drug Paul to Olive Garden twice in one week. (I tried to get him to go back on Friday, but I got a staunch refusal.) The Never-Ending Pasta Bowl was most helpful in giving me the fat I craved plus the iron my body needs. The Alfredo was much better than the marinara, but at the same time I wanted to keep the calories down. I've been told I'm supposed to maximize my calories. That being said, I also didn't eat one breadstick during the second trip to make sure I got my calories with extra nutrients. The first time we went, our waitress gave us the Capellini Pomodoro sauce in the never-ending pasta bowl. However, the second trip the waitress wouldn't do that. Too bad. She would have gotten a better tip. Now that I can look at a cookbook without getting sick, I'll be making the effort to get my spinach at home for a while, but Olive Garden came in handy for a week.

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