Hamilton Beach Snow Cone Maker

Hamilton Beach Snow Cone Machine

Blue Raspberry Snow Cone

Those of you who have been following the story of my not-so-enjoyable pregnancy are up on the fact that for the first trimester snow cones were a staple. Jeremiah's Italian Ice would have made a fortune on us cause it is really close to the house and the closest thing to snow cones you can buy on the streets of Florida. Luckily, we have some very generous friends who shared their snow cone maker.

The Hamilton Beach snow cone maker is compact, easy to put together and even easier to take apart for cleaning and air-drying. Quiet as can be expected, it was rather effective in shaving although ice cubes seemed to get caught in one side of the filter to the shaver, which slowed down the process. Ice cubes from our fridge worked quite well, and the shaver quality was the best for a store bought machine I've had experience with. We never tried the slushy setting to evaluate it. I was happy with the shaved setting.

The flavored syrups were not Hamilton Beach, but Rival. I thought the blue raspberry and sour apple flavors were very similar to what I remembered when I was a kid, but I am used to a lower concentration of sugar in the syrups at street stands. So for a good sour fruit flavor, there seemed to be an overpoweringly sweet flavor, too. Still, it was exactly what I needed because I could control the sweetness on days when my stomach was extra picky.

Thank you, Patty and Travis for helping me get through some tough weeks! I'll return the machine shortly.

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