Great Harvest Bread Company-Seattle, Washington

Great Harvest Bread Co.-Seattle, Washington

Cookie from Great Harvest Bread Co.-Seattle, Washington

Right next to Trader Joe's is a Great Harvest Bread Company that Leann introduced us to.This little shop has such a variety of bread that it has to follow a schedule to produce the different loaves on different days. When I walked in, they offered us a taste of three or four options. One looked more like a pan of brownies than bread. Having a sweet tooth, I would have been very happy to go for the brownie, but in effort to experience the new and to give a true opinion of the selection, I decided to try a slice of garlic cheddar. The slice was soft and white with complete, but not strong, flavor of cheddar and garlic bits. I was very impressed with my taste test. Leann bought a loaf of cinnamon bread, which has the same idea of a good quality bread recipe bits of flavoring stirred in at regular intervals. Leann and I had the same idea that the loaf of bread is done as soon as you open it. So, you just can't open it. You just have to sit and watch it on the counter while it's calling your name.

While we were in the store, we decided to buy a cookie (especially since we knew it would be a long time until dinner). Paul had an oatmeal cookie with raisins. I had an oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips. They short review is that the company makes much better bread than they do cookies. The cookie was quite crunchy, and didn't have the best flavor. I bet the cinnamon rolls are amazing, however. I'd vote the bread products any day.

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