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Roissy is basically where Charles de Gaulle Airport is in Paris, France. We got done saying good-bye to the group late and there were only three restaurants open in the city (not including the hotel dining rooms.) The only option was an Asian restaurant; so, we walked into the largest restaurant we had seen during our trip around Paris and northern France. But, even by the time we left there were only four tables filled. Perhaps on Saturday nights everyone goes into the city. Truthfully, I had hoped for that, too, but it was so late, and we had such an early flight the following morning.

We ate with both sets of parents and each couple ordered three items. All of the dishes were placed on a lazy susan in the center of the round table, and we shared the meal. The spring rolls were the best part of the meal because they had an unusual feature. They were supposed to be wrapped up in a large piece of green leaf lettuce. I didn't realize that until I had eaten my rolls. The rest of the meal was nothing exciting, but it was filling and it wasn't the same thing we had been eating for 12 days. It was simple and more traditional flavor for the taste buds than tasting something new every day. I was annoyed that we had been charged for another item that was not delivered to our table. There was quite a language barrier as our French was broken and the waiters English and French were both tough to understand. Obviously, I can't say I wouldn't eat here again, but given half a chance, next time I would hop the closest RER (Train) into the city without looking back.

Les Fleurs Du Cerisier

64, Ave Charles de Gaulle
95700 Roissy-En-France
Tel: 01 34 29 01 24

  • 3 orders Spring Rolls
  • 2 orders fried rice
  • 1 tofu with garlic
  • 1 stirfried cabbage
  • 2 Vegetables with tofu
  • 73,30 Total



Wow, you found a Chinese

Wow, you found a Chinese restaurant in France with vegetarian options? Amazing.

For some reason, Chinese restaurants in France tend to be in huge buildings with more than enough space. I don't know why. There's one not so far from where we live, but I checked the menu, and there was nothing vegetarian.

I also went to a few Chinese restaurants in the French Alps region where we used to live, near Geneva, and there were NEVER any vegetarian options. Terrible!

It seems that Chinese restaurants are quite common in France, though. In the town where we used to live, there were 13!
I had by then given up hope of finding anything vegetarian in a French Chinese restaurant, however, and I did not even think of trying one of them.

I preferred the town's Indian restaurants! :)

But overall, I should point out that the French go to restaurants much less than Americans...probably for financial reasons, since 1 out of every 6 people in France earns minimum wage--and restaurants tend to be a bit expensive in France (as you probably noticed).

Now you can see why, when someone asked me recently what I missed about the U.S., I said: "The restaurants!" They are abundant, varied (here everything seems the same after awhile), and there's much more selection for vegetarians!

Hey, at least I'm not a vegan (anymore)--that would make eating out in France ENTIRELY impossible!