News Flash: NPR's Winning Garlic Recipe is Vegetarian!

Today, National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Sunday announced the winner of its garlic recipe contest. Two of the three finalists were fish recipes. The final recipe was for a hot sauce. Although the chefs and journalist reviewing the sauce ate it with chicken, the actual sauce is vegetarian! The chicken was not part of the sauce. In fact, the hostess on the radio this morning ate the sauce with a chip. Congratulations to William Maxwell of Vandalia, Missouri, for submitting the winning concoction!

For the actual recipe and to see a video review of the three finalists, visit this link on NPR. The video review even had recommendations for vegetarians. For example, potatoes absorb a lot of flavor. Always remember to compensate for that.

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Thanks, Amanda. The NPR

Thanks, Amanda. The NPR Easter Garlic Recipe Contest made my mouth water when it was first announced on Weekend Edition Sunday several weeks ago. I'm delighted so many people have taken solace and refuge in the TongueTwister's scintillating flavor and aroma and never knew before about the healing effects of the ingredients sworn to in some of the comments at NPR. Spread the sauce; spread the word...

Silver Bill Maxwell