Infusion Tea-Trip 2

Avocado Wrap-Infusion TeaBurrito with Lime and Chili-Infusion Tea

This restaurant is consistently good. It has a menu rotation for every season and has a nice selection of teas. It was a tad warm this fall day; so only Gerald selected a warm tea. But everything was good. Paul and I absolutely loved our sandwiches. IF I could only make them like that at home! Surely it can't be that hard!

Paul had a burrito with lime and chili that arrived warm--notice the gril marks. I had a hommus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and sunflower seed wrap that I thought at the time was the most wonderful thing in the world. I'm not completely sure I've changed my mind at this point.

Possibly the highlight of the meal were the small vegetable chips served on the side of the sandwiches. The green bean was excellent. We also thought there were carrots and zucchini. There was much discussion wondering if one was an eggplant because of its light color and dark accenting lines. I suppose we could have asked, but I guess it was more fun to speculate.

Eating Vegetarian: