Pizza Pie


Pizza has so many options. And, I believe, when made properly can be exceptionally balanced and rather good for you. I like to focus on flavor, less cheese, and a less oily crust. The first time I made a pizza at home was when I was taking care of my father while my mother was visiting my grandmother. His response was "Well, I hope you learned your lesson." Fortunately, that was a number of years ago. But to tell you the truth, cooking is always a learning process.

This particular pizza choice used a variety of vegetables: onions, broccoli, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, and Fri-chik by Worthington Foods. I used regular spaghetti sauce and grated mozzarella cheese. I fear it might have been too thick. Normally, I slice the cheese which yields a rather even layer and less cheese. I always enforce the golden rule of more sauce and less cheese. It's a way to focus on flavor instead of fat.

Sometimes, you do have to be careful because the thinner pizza crusts are not equipped to handle an excess of toppings. The crust featured here was a Boboli. Even though it isn't my favorite for taste, it has proven good at holding up to a variety of toppings. The more variety, the more experimentation.

Eating Vegetarian: